[aprssig] Any experts on the FCC website?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Thu Sep 9 21:47:12 CDT 2004

At 11:00 PM 9/7/2004, Doug Younker wrote:
>www.cityfreq.com   is simple to use, but I don't have a clue if the
>information provided is complete.
>Doug, N0LKK
>dougy at ruraltel.net

         Doug, it's a neat site, but the one problem I found is Milk 
Transport Service -- they're home based in Cabool, Mo, but licensed in 
Portales, NM.  They don't show up in NM.


Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico  DM84jk

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