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[aprssig] more examples

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Sat Sep 11 01:13:31 UTC 2004


Below is a sample of packets sent from my IGATE that are not passing 
through the KC4ZGQ-2  digi running either of the last two versions of the 
Digiflop digi setup disk version of Digi_Ned.  As noted I have asked Henk 
for his input but have not received a reply yet.

(I suspect the time differential is to blame.)

The packets at the bottom where passed by a KPC-3+ rom ver 9.

I will be replacing the Digi_Ned setup with the KPC-3 tomorrow but I would 
like to understand what is causing the problem.

The replacement is not related to this problem or any dissatisfaction with 
Digi_Ned but rather to my desire to convert this site to a emergency 
battery backed digi.  I will be installing a 70 amp hour AGM battery at the 
same time.  The digi was off the air during most of Frances due to loss of 
AC.  The site has generator backup which is no longer in use on my feeder 

Please note I am aware of the via_block in Digi_Ned.INI and it is commented 
out as noted below.

;via_block: TCPIP,IGATE

Once I make the replacement I will be running the digi_ned setup at home 
with logging on to try and track the problem.

Does anyone on the SIG have any ideas?

+++++++++++++++++snip earlier email to Henk++++++++++++++++++++++++


Here are some examples where my spare KPC-3+ did digi these but KC4ZGQ-2 
ignores them. I am only about 6 miles from the -2 digi and I tried running 
50 watts to make sure it was not a QRM problem.  I should be capturing the 
digi with no trouble at all.

I suspect that the } is causing Digi_Ned to reject the packets.

By the way I like the new Digiflop disk and it is being used at the site. 
The INI file is from the old Digiflop and neither is passing these packets.

!S -4 14:23:44 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+12h*102100z1712.00N/07630.00W at .../.../HC/125^155/...>050&150%100znnzzppuzuux{AEgA1
!S -4 14:23:45 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+24h*102100z1818.00N/07800.00W at .../.../HC/115^140/...>050&150%075znnzzuuzzuux{AEgA2
!S -4 14:23:46 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+36h*102100z1912.00N/07900.00W at .../.../HC/120^145/...>050&150%075znnzzuuzzuux{AEgA3
!S -4 14:23:47 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+48h*102100z2030.00N/08012.00W at .../.../HC/125^155/...>000&150%075znnzzuuzzzzz{AEgA4
!S -4 14:23:48 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+72h*102100z2330.00N/08200.00W at .../.../HC/110^135/...>000&150%075znnzzuuzzzzz{AEgA7
!S -4 14:23:49 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+96h*102100z2800.00N/08300.00W at .../.../HC/100^120/...>000&000%000zzzzzzzzzzzz{AEgA8
!S -4 14:23:50 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+120*102100z3230.00N/08230.00W at .../.../TS/040^050/...>000&000%000zzzzzzzzzzzz{AEgA9

!S -4 14:23:52 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN__ato*102100z1630.00N\07506.00W at 300/010/HC/125^155/0934>050&150%075znnzzuuzzuux{AEgA0
!S -4 14:23:53 
: Hurricane IVAN_+??h plots relative 10/1200Z Next Advsry 10/2100Z {AEgAZ
!S -4 14:23:54 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+12h*102100z1712.00N/07630.00W at .../.../HC/125^155/...>050&150%100znnzzppuzuux{AEgA1
!S -4 14:23:55 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+24h*102100z1818.00N/07800.00W at .../.../HC/115^140/...>050&150%075znnzzuuzzuux{AEgA2
!S -4 14:23:56 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+36h*102100z1912.00N/07900.00W at .../.../HC/120^145/...>050&150%075znnzzuuzzuux{AEgA3
!S -4 14:23:57 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+48h*102100z2030.00N/08012.00W at .../.../HC/125^155/...>000&150%075znnzzuuzzzzz{AEgA4
!S -4 14:23:58 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+72h*102100z2330.00N/08200.00W at .../.../HC/110^135/...>000&150%075znnzzuuzzzzz{AEgA7
!S -4 14:23:59 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+96h*102100z2800.00N/08300.00W at .../.../HC/100^120/...>000&000%000zzzzzzzzzzzz{AEgA8
!S -4 14:24:00 
!KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,KC4ZGQ-4*,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+120*102100z3230.00N/08230.00W at .../.../TS/040^050/...>000&000%000zzzzzzzzzzzz{AEgA9
!S -4 14:24:02 
Min Press: 940 MB MAX FL WIND 112 KT E QUAD 1735Z {AHcAA
!S -4 14:24:03 
Min Press: 940 MB MAX FL WIND 112 KT E QUAD 1735Z {AHcAA
!S -4 14:24:07 !KC4ZGQ-2>APND0Y:=3257.84ND08348.48W#DIGI_NED: KC4ZGQ-2 SEE 

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