[aprssig] more examples

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sat Sep 11 06:33:35 CDT 2004

F.Y.I. I've sent this response to John about this problem:

To: John Kraus <flyfisher452 at cox.net>
Subject: Re: more examples

Hello John,

At 14:33 10-9-2004 -0400, John Kraus wrote:
>Here are some examples where my spare KPC-3+ did digi these but KC4ZGQ-2 
>ignores them. I am only

I  regenerated this packet:

KC4ZGQ-10>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE3-3:}NHCTCM>APRS,TCPIP,KC4ZGQ-10*:;IVAN_+12h*102100z1712.00N/07630.00W at .../.../HC/125^155/...>050&150%100znnzzppuzuux{AEgA1

and ran it through DIGI_NED using your DIGI_NED.INI file (this is via a 
local loopback connection, no real transmissions on air and no QRM). With 
"via_block:" commented out it works okay on my test system, with 
"via_block:" not commented it blocks the packet due to the TCPIP call in 
the 3rd party header.

Maybe I should change the default always to allow 3rd party traffic with 
the floppy configuration.

>about 6 miles from the digi and I tried running 50 watts to make sure it 
>was not a QRM problem.  I should be capturing the digi with no trouble at all.

I have an idea about what's going on. In this version the values used for 
PERSIST ena SLOTTIME in ax25_mac.ini are changes so the digi responds 
immediately now. Bob Bruninga wants digitransmissions to overlap so that's 
why the digi now acts immediately.

This may cause the problem that you don't hear the repeater respond, your 
receiver has to switch back from transmission to reception and my miss the 
beginning of the digipeated packet.

This is only an idea of what might be wrong. To verify this you could 
change the values in ax25_mac.ini back (or use ax25_mac.ini from the old 
floppy) to the old values (P=64 (now 255) and W=10 (now 0)) and see if you 
see the echo of your own packets from the digipeater. If this helps then I 
should make DIGI_NED a littlebit less trigger-happy so stations can at 
least see their own packets echod back.

Let me know if this solves the problem, I will make a new floppy available 
if this fixes it. It would be nice to know if only restoring slottime to 10 
is enough, then I can leave persist to 255.

Kind regards,


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