[aprssig] Garmin Writst GPS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 14 15:31:06 CDT 2004

Yes, but does it upload in NMEA format?
The GPS defaults to GARMIN format and
may be taking it in that way.  Thanks

>>> paulj at rain.org 9/14/04 3:07:52 PM >>>
I had no trouble uploading a route with waypoints from Delorme street 
maps! Works great! The manual doesn't talk about uploads but it 
definitely does work! When I get a chance, I'll try uploading from my
I don't see why that wouldn't work either.
> Brian Riley (maillist) wrote on 9/13/2004, 6:23 PM:
>  > For the $179 MSRP, you would hope you could at least upload 
waypoints ...
> It is available for $129.

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