[aprssig] HT Recommendation

Steven Eizenberg kc7byp at nwinfo.net
Wed Sep 15 03:59:23 CDT 2004

 I am running a Radio Shack HTX-202 ht on APRS and it works great even
though it only put's out 5 watts but I can run the ht off external power (13
5 vdc) from ether the car or in the house on a regulated power supply.    
And by the way the HTX-202 can handle 15 vdc external power feed into it
with no problem.    I have an Alinco DX70T hf rig that has a problem that I
can't figure out,   it won't transmit unless the power supply voltage is 15
vdc.   I have tried running the DX70T in the car no transmit at all,  and I
tried it on a different power supply with the same result,   no transmit
until the supply voltage is up to 15 vdc.
Steven Eizenberg
From the Amateur radio Station of KC7BYP
QTH  Pasco,   Wa
kc7byp at nwinfo.net 
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Subject: [aprssig] HT Recommendation
Wonder if you can help me make a decision.
I am looking at hand helds for APRS work.
I have researched two so far. I have had a Kewood thd7ag but not really
needing this.
1. Runs of a silly voltage of 11 Volts
2. Has only two power level settings
3. Does not appear to be dual band 24/7
4. Has 1300 mAh battery
Kenwood TH-F7
1. Runs on 12 volts to 16 volts
2. Has full time dual band
3. Supports mutli mode on band B
4. Has 1550 mAh battery
5. Has a battery meter
Comments ?
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