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[aprssig] GPS OEM modules

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Wed Sep 15 20:23:35 UTC 2004

GPS15 L 5 volts ....awesome, engine and antenna in one.

Save the room on your tracker box

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Subject: [aprssig] GPS OEM modules

I'm looking for GPS module suggestions for a new TNC/tracker design -
something that can be plugged in easily as a daughter card and will provide
an SMA connector for an external antenna, since it'll be in a steel box.
There are some nice solderable modules, but I'd prefer a user-installable
drop-in option.  Does anyone have any suggestions, or comments on any of

Motorola M12+ Oncore
Trimble Lassen LP
Laipac TF-10 or UV-40
Garmin GPS 15L
u-blox SBR-LS or RCB-LJ

The Laipac TF10 is looking like one of the best options so far - it's small,
has a simple pin header connection, and provides a straight SMA out the back
for an active antenna.  Haven't used one before, though - I'll have to pick
up a sample or two.


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