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Sorry I meant GPS 18

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Andrew Rich replied to Scott N1VG September 15, 2004 1:24 PM

> But you still need an antenna GARMIN GPS 15 - antenna and GPS in one

The Garmin GPS 15H / 15L does NOT have an antenna built in. As Scott pointed
out, the manual doesn't say what kind of antenna connector it has, but on
the Garmin site under accessories, several antennas are listed. One I looked
at had a BNC connector, but others including the GA 27C have an MCX
connector. My assumption would be that the connector on the 15H / 15L is an
MCX. The accessories also list a BNC to MCX adapter, so that seems to back
up my assumption.

I think the GPS 15 is a bit cheaper, but it isn't WAAS capable like the GPS
15H / 15L.

The Garmin GPS18 PC & LVC are "hockey puck" style GPS receivers with the
receiver and antenna all in one unit. Both have a magnetic base, but there
is a threaded hole in the bottom if you want to bolt it in place. The PC
version has a 2 M long "Y" type cable with a cig lighter plug on one leg
with the 5V regulator built in, and a DB9 data connecter on the other. The
LVC version has a much longer cable... 3 M I think. There is a header on the
end of the cable that Garmin uses for testing, but you can just cut it off
and solder the bare wires to your own connector or right onto a circuit
board. You need 5 V for the LVC version. It's rated at 4 V to 5.5 V. The
GPS18 is WAAS enabled and waterproof.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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