[aprssig] New International Tier 2 Servers Online

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Mon Sep 20 11:52:38 CDT 2004

Hello all! We have recently brought two more international Tier 2
servers online! They are APRSITALY (italy.aprs2.net) and APRSMEX
(mexico.aprs2.net). In addition, we have added both the Australian NK
servers to the network (australia.aprs2.net and australia2.aprs2.net)
Both offer great bandwidth and stability, and may be a good choice for
some of your connections. Check their 14501 pages for more
information on specific regional ports offered, and check the
http://www.aprs2.net page for more general Tier 2 information and a
full list of servers. We will be bringing two more servers online
here in the coming week or two as well. Enjoy!


Phil Pacier - AD6NH
Tier 2 Coordinator

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