[aprssig] RE: [OZAPRS] Re: SSID's

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 20 13:42:49 CDT 2004

> > > I do not see why you would want to know
> > > that a station is a kenwood HT
> >Becasue it is a tracker that can RECEIVE messages.
> So? It isn't important to know that it's a Kenwood.

No, but as we have clearly documented, 85% of all
mobile/handheld operators that operate APRS mobile
for receiving and displaying APRS data in the field
use the Kenwood.  Given this proponderance of the
majority, it does not seem unreasonable to use the
-7 SSID when so doing if someone wants to...

If they don't want to, they have 15 other options...

Again, only 15 angels fit on the head of this pin...

de Wb4APR, Bob

> that it's message-capable. Let's not confuse capability with brand. (and
> don't forget that Kenwood makes non-APRS HTs)
> It doesn't matter whether it's a ham toting a Kenwood HT or a ham toting 2
> HTs, a TNC, portable terminal device etc. (except that I'd say the latter
> is pretty dedicated to APRS...) What matters is whether I can send a
> message to that ham or not.
> >APRSdos displays all message capable statiosn in one
> >color and all others in a different color...
> Which is exactly what we want. Is that on the client capability chart? I
> know I've seen new (at least I hope they were new) APRS users sending
> messages to stations (digis, TinyTrak etc.) to stations that were
> identified per the APRS spec. as non-message-capable. (Actually, did it
> myself this morning, but it was 0430, we were on the road, and I knew the
> ham in question had receive capability. Turns out he hadn't switched it on
> yet...)
> Bill
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