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Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Mon Sep 20 15:08:33 CDT 2004

Not really sure you would want to know a HT from a mobile would you ?

The fact is the object is able to MOVE

Most mobile tarckers can TX, and then the others TX and RX

My suggestion would be for my station

VK4TEC (Home)
VK4TEC-3 (Digi)
VK4TEC-9 (Mobile TX only)
VK4TEC-10 (Mobile message capable)

I think that SSID's really only get in the way for us. It sort of a packet

The ICON table and comments really drive the display.

People like Bob obviously have written software aimed at a standard range of

I am concerned that I see more and more new stations coming on, and they
just gave a wild stab at SSID.

And then they copy someone else's bad guess.

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I think the issue that Andrew is raising is -
What does the standard suggest for units without Rx (e.g. TinyTrak). i.e
if -9 indicates vehicle, does -7 indicate "HT" or "with Rx"

Mobile with Rx      9
Mobile without Rx   7 or 9 ????
HT with Rx          7
HT without Rx       7 or 9 ????


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On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Andrew Rich wrote:

> so can a d700, so can a TNC with a laptop in a car

Yes, so they all appear as mobiles and they are not
a D7.  So use a -9 for the mobile and a -7 for the HT.
I dont see an issue here...

Or use anything you want, there are only 15 angels on
the head of this pin...

de Wb4APR, bob
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