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Steven Eizenberg kc7byp at nwinfo.net
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 What does "SSID's" stand for?    What does it do?
Steven Eizenberg
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The thing about using SSIDs is that you never know if they actually mean
anything, so it's still a guessing game.  I say just use them as secondary
station identifiers and carry other information elsewhere.
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> I also believe that we need a standard for the SSID's what ever it may
> be.  I know there are a number of stations out there that support many
> digi's with there calls on them. so there will be stations using ssid's
> that dont conform but most will have the proper icon with them.  so if we
> set up  2 ssids for mobile use 1 for TX and 1 for RX  then we will know
> could or could not accept a message.
> My thoughts
> Mike
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