[aprssig] conveying map view

A.J. Farmer ajfarmer at spenet.com
Tue Sep 21 16:26:49 CDT 2004

Just some brainstorming...

1. Perhaps the map view data could be contained in an object within the area
in question?  That would be fairly unobtrusive and would be always available
in that area.  When Xastir sees a standardized "MAP" object in the area, it
can automatically do whatever it needs to do to process the data and make it
available to the user. 

2. Another idea: a station in a particular area could act as "map gate" for
that area.  When queried with a special command, it would broadcast the
local map data.  UI-View has a similar concept plugin INFO_SRV(?) for
getting local information about an area.  The "map gate" station could also
potentially make local maps available for download over the air, although I
hesitate about doing that since 144.39 is already conjested in many areas
and large downloads would only make things worse.  But it would be a useful
resource to a newcomer in the area.  Then again, if it were only used on a
limited basis, it might not impact the network much.  Perhaps an alternate
frequency for downloading maps?  Of course, then you would have to be within
local range of the map gate...

Just thinking out loud. ;-)  


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Wes Johnston wrote:

> Yes, but I don't know of a single APRS client that will allow you
> to either 1) specify by typing a view, 2)let you click on the
> contents of a message and specify a view automagically.
> Is there one that does?  It would really be neat if we could
> publish map views (ie bookmarks) just like we do objects.  New
> people arriving on the scene of an event would have within a few
> minutes, a list of common views.... ie downtown, the county... the
> event... and then if someone said "It's in the upper right corner
> of your map" we'd have a fighting chance to see what the guy is
> talking about.

I can see the usefulness in that.  It shouldn't be hard to add that
to Xastir.  We already have a way to specify map center/zoom, so
we'd just have to put in a special message type to push that out,
and to decode it.

How best to do that?  Group message?  Directed message to a
particular station?  Query?

Would we want a list of the map files to go across as well?  That
could get very long/time-consuming across the air.

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