[aprssig] conveying map view

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Tue Sep 21 20:31:23 CDT 2004

I hadn't thought of a query... would be interesting though.  I had just 
thought of a subset of a message or bullitin.  In other words, I can send a 
bullitin to the whole area with my bookmarked view, or I can direct it to a 
specific station.  I can see the usefullness of actually "pushing" a view to 
a particular station, but the station accepting the pushed view would have to 
be a user selectable option on the receiving end - prob based on sender's 
callsign (ie I'll allow my map viewing to be interrupted by kd4xyz and 
I thought briefly about sending the map file name, but that would be too 
much... esp in a cross platform environment.... DOS aprs does not name maps 
the same way xastir does...   
I'm wondering if encoding the map view in a message would be as simple as my 
email program parsing the text of my messages for occurances of "www" or 
"http://"... maybe we could just send a message with the text mv://lat/lon/
range[/map_name] (mv stands for mapview, [/map_name] is optional).  In order 
to be accepted as a valid map view, mv:// would have to be followed by 
numeric chars, another /, numeric chars, another / and finally more numeric 
chars.  Perhaps ONE map could be named as an option on the end?  Just like in 
html when a particular font is specified and your machine doesn't have it... 
it just ignores the font statement... same could apply to specifying a map... 
if you don't have that map, display with what map you do have or no map at 
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> How best to do that?  Group message?  Directed message to a 
> particular station?  Query? 
> Would we want a list of the map files to go across as well?  That 
> could get very long/time-consuming across the air. 

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