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[aprssig] D-700 Packet Path (still)

J. Moen (K0ZXU/6) jmm at jwmoen.com
Thu Sep 23 04:33:58 UTC 2004

Has this been solved?

If not, I wonder if you've made the change to path, then escaped out of the 
menus, then gone back to check path again.  I recall trying to save 
something with an error in it, and it seemed to save it, but when I went 
back (radio still powered up), it was the old value.... In other words, the 
"new" value never was actually saved due to my error.

  Jim - K0ZXU

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From: "hasan schiers" <schiers at netins.net>
To: "TAPR APRS Special Interest Group (E-mail)" <aprssig at lists.tapr.org>
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 12:02 PM
Subject: [aprssig] D-700 Packet Path (still)

> Hmmm...I've tried every combo I can think of and none of them will let me
> retain a setting of RELAY, TRACE2-2. It always reverts to TRACE3-3 upon
> turning the radio off and then back on again. I have AUTO-PM-STORE off.
> I go into Packet path menu and set it to either R,T2 or RELAY,TRACE2-2,
> press OK. Then I F > PMin ...flashing numbers...hit 1. Then when I hit PM 
> to
> recall 1, it shows TRACE2-2.
> I then went in, changed the path to RELAY, TRACE2-2 , left menus. Went 
> into
> MENU again, changed AUTO-PM-STORE to ON, left menu, turned radio off and 
> on,
> Packet path reverted to TRACE3-3.
> Confirmed AUTO-PM-STORE as ON, re-changed packet path to RELAY,TRACE2-2,
> left menu. Returned to menu, checked path, it stayed. Turned radio off,
> waited 10 sec, turned back on, checked packet path...reverted to TRACE3-3.
> I'm completely stumped.
> ...hasan, N0AN
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