[aprssig] APRS Alt-Input digis

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Thu Sep 23 00:18:20 CDT 2004

At 06:08 PM 9/22/2004 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>Annapolis MD has had an alternate 144.99 input

Are you doing this with a single port TNC in duplex mode? Is it colocated 
with a 144.39 digi?

Does anybody have a viable dual port TNC that can be used to selectively 
gate traffic between two "channels"? Does anybody have one that will 
support WideN/TraceN etc. between the two channels? (A Kantronics 9612+ can 
gate between a 9600bps and 1200bps channel but AFAIK it won't do it with a 
WideN path.) I should note that I'm actually more interested in a modern 
TNC with two 1200bps channels that can support WideN digipeating between 
the two ports.


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