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[aprssig] Latest Xastir Release: 1.4.0, 09/16/2004

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Sep 23 17:08:25 UTC 2004

> So, I've not yet made it through the software requirements.
> I fear that the hardware requirements will be equally evasive,
> covert, and obtuse.
> Any hints or tips are welcome.

Welcome to the world of Unix and free software.  =]  My typical install
procedure goes something like this:

Download package
Unzip and untar package
Run 'configure'
Install 6 utilities configure complains about not having
Run 'configure'
Run 'make'
Find and install missing library when 'make' stops with error
Run 'make'
Find next missing library
Find three more libraries that one depends on
Upgrade gcc and libc to compile one of those
Install new yacc utility another library requires
Forget what program I started out trying to install in the first place, go
watch TV

The worst part about installing Xastir was tracking down and installing the
optional components it needs.  I've certainly dealt with worse applications.
Now that I've got it set up and running, it's fine.  I get updates from CVS
every day, so I don't have to wait for releases to get bug fixes and new


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