[aprssig] Latest Xastir Release: 1.4.0, 09/16/2004

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Thu Sep 23 12:23:21 CDT 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Scott Miller wrote:

> Welcome to the world of Unix and free software.  =]  My typical install
> procedure goes something like this:
> Download package
> Unzip and untar package
> Run 'configure'
> Install 6 utilities configure complains about not having
> Run 'configure'
> Run 'make'
> Find and install missing library when 'make' stops with error
> Run 'make'
> Find next missing library
> Find three more libraries that one depends on
> Upgrade gcc and libc to compile one of those
> Install new yacc utility another library requires
> Forget what program I started out trying to install in the first place, go
> watch TV

I just went through that exact scenario trying to update a package
for project planning (I needed Gantt charts) from one that came
installed on my Linux CD's, to the newly-named "Planner" version
that I downloaded off the 'net.  It took a while to do that
repetitive loop you describe above, and it had a lot of
dependencies, but I eventually got it.

Xastir isn't nearly as bad, 'cuz there are a set of required
libraries and header files, and a large set of optional libraries
that give you additional capabilities.  You can get a minimal Xastir
going that gives you a lot of capability up-front, then concentrate
on adding more interesting pieces later on as you learn more.

> The worst part about installing Xastir was tracking down and installing the
> optional components it needs.  I've certainly dealt with worse applications.
> Now that I've got it set up and running, it's fine.  I get updates from CVS
> every day, so I don't have to wait for releases to get bug fixes and new
> features.

Once you do it the first time (no matter how many questions to the
list it takes to get it done), the 2nd and succeeding times go much
easier.  Like I said, contribute doc changes back to the project and
the next guy to come along will have an easier time of it.

Note that Xastir comes on a lot of Linux CD's as well, in which case
the install is much easier/faster as it's precompiled for you.  Most
of those are so old that you don't want to run them though.  I
recommend 1.4.0 or 1.4.1/CVS right now.  If you find 1.0 or older on
a CD, don't install it, as it'll give you problems trying to upgrade
to newer versions as the config files and directories aren't
compatible between them.  We've made major changes since then.

If you hang out around the project much you'll see that we commit
changes to the program nearly every day, we do a development release
about every two weeks, and a stable release every 2 or 3 months.
Not bad for the money you pay...

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