[aprssig] Latest Xastir Release: 1.4.0, 09/16/2004

Mark A. Lewis mark at siliconjunkie.net
Thu Sep 23 20:03:25 CDT 2004

I doubt it would break the distro. Unless you are installing a more core
component of the OS. 

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Noticed below that you are installing from both "testing" and
"unstable", and not from "stable". I was under the impression doing that
could break the distribution. Maybe I'm wrong. 

Could you post your /etc/apt/sources.list. I think this is the key. This
may help other Debian based users too.


On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 10:36, Wes Johnston wrote:
> So you can "apt-get install xastir"?  that's slick....  I just tried 
> it in simulate mode and it works!  I see things like GPSMANSHP,
> ohhh this is great!  All you have to do after that is a "cvs update" 
> and you are caught up with the latest version!  (CVS is a system that 
> downloads the latest version of a program's source code.... it then 
> takes four commands to compile the code into a runable program...
> usually takes 2 to 5 minutes for the whole process).
> I know that some reading this have no idea what the heck all the 
> moaning about libraries is all about.  In the windows world most 
> programs come with all the DLL's you need which is why the setup.exe 
> programs are so large.  In linux you can install each library by hand 
> one at a time, or if a particular program is listed by Debian, you can

> simply "apt-get install xxxxx".  The APT-GET program is smart enough 
> to know which libraries you need and will fetch them from various
websites as needed.
> Some versions of linux use a program called RPM but it only installs 
> libraries you specify and if something else is needed it will simply 
> yells at you.  APT-GET is much better.
> For what it's worth to all of you hesitant to try linux or xastir, 
> goto www.mepis.org and download the ISO of mephis.  It is a "live" cd 
> meaning you just boot off of it and linux runs.  If you like the feel 
> of it, there is an icon on the desktop called "mephis installation
> which runs a wizard to install linux.  It _will_ co-exist with windows

> (if your drive is already partitioned in two pieces).  Total time to 
> install linux onto a new HDD or one with a free partition is something

> like 15 minutes.  With the "apt-get install xastir" command, it is 
> very likely you can have xastir running in another 10 minutes.  I may 
> have to try this on one of my spare PCs.
> So please try xastir.... the windows installation file reads like an 
> old heath kit manual with check boxes, the linux version is looking 
> like it'll install itself!
> I know the list below is bewildering.... but in seems to contain just 
> about everything you would ever want in xastir... many of these 
> libraries are for features I haven't even used yet.
> apt-get install xastir <enter>
> The following extra packages will be installed:
>   gpsmanshp lesstif2 libax25 libcfitsio2 libgcc1 libgdal1 libhdf4g
>   libjasper-1.701-1 libshp1 libstdc++5 libtiff4 libungif4g
>   libxml2 libxml2-dev netcdfg3 proj tcllib unixodbc Suggested 
> packages:
>   libhdf4g-doc libhdf4g-dev libhdf4g-run libjasper-runtime netcdf-doc
>   proj-ps-doc libmyodbc odbc-postgresql libct0 The following NEW 
> packages will be installed:
>   gpsmanshp lesstif2 libax25 libcfitsio2 libgdal1 libhdf4g
>   libshp1 libtiff4 libxerces21c102 netcdfg3 proj tcllib unixodbc 
> xastir The following packages will be upgraded:
>   libgcc1 libstdc++5 libungif4g libxml2 libxml2-dev
> 5 upgraded, 15 newly installed, 0 to remove and 826 not upgraded.
> Inst libgcc1 [1:3.3.3-6] (1:3.4.1-7 Debian:unstable) Conf libgcc1 
> (1:3.4.1-7 Debian:unstable) Inst libstdc++5 [1:3.3.3-6] (1:3.3.4-9 
> Debian:unstable) Conf libstdc++5 (1:3.3.4-9 Debian:unstable) Inst 
> tcllib (1.6.1-1 Debian:testing) Inst libshp1 (1.2.10-1 Debian:testing)

> Inst gpsmanshp (1.1-1 Debian:testing) Inst lesstif2 (1:0.93.94-8 
> Debian:unstable) Inst libax25 (0.0.11-2 Debian:testing) Inst 
> libcfitsio2 (2.500-1 Debian:unstable) Inst libhdf4g (4.1r4-18 
> Debian:testing) Inst libjasper-1.701-1 (1.701.0-2 Debian:testing) Inst

> libtiff4 (3.6.1-1.1 Debian:unstable) Inst libungif4g [4.1.0b1-6] 
> (4.1.3-1 Debian:testing) Inst libxerces21c102 (2.1.0-5 Debian:testing)

> Inst netcdfg3 (3.5.0-7.1 Debian:testing) Inst unixodbc (2.2.4-9 
> Debian:testing) Inst libgdal1 (1.2.1-1 Debian:unstable) Inst 
> libxml2-dev [2.6.10-3] (2.6.11-3 Debian:testing) [] Inst libxml2 
> [2.6.10-3] (2.6.11-3 Debian:testing) Inst proj (4.4.8-3 
> Debian:testing) Inst xastir (1.3.2-2 Debian:unstable) Conf tcllib 
> (1.6.1-1 Debian:testing) Conf libshp1 (1.2.10-1 Debian:testing) Conf 
> gpsmanshp (1.1-1 Debian:testing) Conf lesstif2 (1:0.93.94-8 
> Debian:unstable) Conf libax25 (0.0.11-2 Debian:testing) Conf 
> libcfitsio2 (2.500-1 Debian:unstable) Conf libhdf4g (4.1r4-18 
> Debian:testing) Conf libjasper-1.701-1 (1.701.0-2 Debian:testing) Conf

> libtiff4 (3.6.1-1.1 Debian:unstable) Conf libungif4g (4.1.3-1 
> Debian:testing) Conf libxerces21c102 (2.1.0-5 Debian:testing) Conf 
> netcdfg3 (3.5.0-7.1 Debian:testing) Conf unixodbc (2.2.4-9 
> Debian:testing) Conf libgdal1 (1.2.1-1 Debian:unstable) Conf libxml2 
> (2.6.11-3 Debian:testing) Conf libxml2-dev (2.6.11-3 Debian:testing) 
> Conf proj (4.4.8-3 Debian:testing) Conf xastir (1.3.2-2 
> Debian:unstable)
> Wes
> John Ackermann N8UR wrote:
> > Just to point out, there is a Debian package of Xastir that will 
> > install without requiring any other searching for libraries, etc. --

> > the Debian package manager takes care of that for you.  I see that 
> > the latest version in Debian "unstable" is 1.2.0, so it's not 
> > totally up to date, but it does work...
> >
> > 73,
> > John
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> >
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