[aprssig] UI-path suggestion

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sat Sep 25 05:34:02 CDT 2004

being able to replay ALL logs, not just one ///// over 

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Hi Andy,

I agree with you, UI-PathAnalyser is a super program...

I don't understand your question however, as I just turned UI-Path on, 
and then turned on my Play a Log. I selected yesterday and it played 
with UI-Path running perfectly..

It is a little fast however, but then, I don't know how you are 
"plotting" the coverage..


Andrew Rich wrote:
> UI-Path is a great program !
> I can make digi coverage plots and all.
> One suggestion, "Import UI-VIEW log files"
> I am replaying day after day in ui-view to form a digi coverage plot,
> but it is taking for ever.
> It would be realy cool if i could "replay" all of my UI-view logs back to
> ui-path
> Cheer Andy vk4tec
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