[aprssig] xastir install!!! wowsa!

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Sat Sep 25 13:20:06 CDT 2004

1)downloaded mepis "live cd" version of linux.  I burned the image on a 
CD.  Took about 1 hour on my cable modem.  It can be downloaded at 
several mirrors... here is one: 

2)booted the "live cd" on a 500mhz PC which happens to run on 12v thanks 
to a clever ATX power supply.  3 minutes to boot.

3)clicked on the "install to hdd" icon and followed the wizard.  Took 35 
minutes to install linux to the HDD.

4)booted from HDD into mepis linux.  Typed "apt-get update" and "apt-get 
install xastir" in a terminal window.  Xastir 1.3.2 was loaded along 
with GPSman and a bunch of other accessory libraries.  Took 3 minutes.

5)Ran xastir from command prompt and created an interface to 
kc4pl.zapto.org:14580 and connected to him.  1 minute.

So, from start to finish I downloaded the linux operating system, burned 
a CD, installed the O/S, and installed xastir in 1hour and 42 minutes.

If I already had the mepis CD, I could have done it in 42 minutes

If I already had mepis (or other debian variant of linux) running, I 
could have had xastir running in 4 minutes.


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