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[aprssig] Spurious SSID's Lafayette, IN

James Smith k9apr at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 25 22:16:09 UTC 2004

Well, this has been talked about before. But like anything I do however 
have something to post today!!! And it has to deal with the same problem 
we have had for sometime now which never seems to get resolved. And that 
being someone in the Lafayette, Indiana area is running a D700 in UIDIGI 
mode fully set to pass the a list of unprotocal paths such as 
relay,wide,trace... Please re frame from using the D700 in this manner 
it wasn't intended to use more then one at a time (i.e. Relay only). 
Also Kenwood did something else that needs tended too and this would 
digipeating is set ON by default on all models. Please set this to the 
OFF position. And lastly your probably wondering why this is important. 
This is easy, so I don't have to watch stations with no ssid's suddenly 
have one. Or stations that have one (ssid's) suddenly start changing 

Please read the enclosed material, this from Bob WB4APR himself on this 
exact subject.

DIGIPEATING SETTINGS FOR THE D-700                      20 July 2004

Although the D-700 supports digipeating, care must be taken in how
it is set up and used.  First, we do not, in general, want mobile
digipeaters running around on a routine basis multiplying the
number of packets.  Second, some of the settings have the same name
but work differently from the same settings in other digipeaters,
for example the KPC-3+.  So please heed the following recommendatinos.

DIGI ON:  In general we do not want mobiles multiplying the number
of packets flying around.  Keep your digi OFF.  If you must have it
on, then enable ONLY  the command UIDIGI RELAY, no  more.

UIDIGI:  Defaults to UIDIGI RELAY,WIDE.  Do not enable for anything
more than just RELAY unless this radio is on the mountain top and
fully intended to be a WIDE area repeater.  In that case, you can
set UIDIGI RELAY,WIDE,SS1 and SS2 where SS are optional STATE or
local routing plans.

UIFLOOD:  This command is different from the implementation in the
KPC-3+.  With "ID" on, it works like a KPC-3+ but we do NOT want to
see WIDEn-N enabled with "ID" on because it destroys routing 
information.  All KPC-3+ digis are supposed to operate with "NOID"
enabled.  But in the D700, enabling "NOID" also enables a form of
SSID routing that is also not welcome on the APRS public channel.
Hence, since neither the ID setting nor the NOID setting is compatible 
with current usage on the APRS national channel, the
ONLY way to use the UIFLOOD is under a new name called LAST with
ID enabled.  This way, packets addressed via LASTn-N will be
digipeated and the callsign of the last D700 digi that transmitted
it will be inserted.  THink of this as a TRACE, but only for the
last hop.  THus the only correct setting for a D700 digipeater

UITRACE:  Under the new n-N paradigm, there can be several uses of
UITRACE as follows:

UITRACE LAN,28   Supports LANn-N routing (with tracing of path)
UITRACE WIDE,28  Supports WIDEn-N routing (with tracking of path)
UITRACE LINK,28  Supports LINKn-N routing (with tracing of path)

For more information on these routing methods, see the web page:

DEBUGGING:  For example, if you are receiving a local station
sporadically with a variety of -13, -14, -15 SSID's then there is a D700 
somewhere with UIFLOOD set to WIDE,28,NOID. Find it and fix it.

de WB4APR, Bob

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73, James, K9APR                
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Tri-State APRS Working Group    
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