[aprssig] xastir install!!! wowsa!

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Sat Sep 25 21:26:11 CDT 2004

Check out http://store.mini-box.com/ituner/itps.html  .... here's a 
quote... "PS-ON. The PS-ON circuit triggers the motherboard ON/OFF 
switch for 'soft' start/stop sequences. PSON is activated 5 seconds 
after the Ignition circuit is turned on and 10 seconds after the 
ignition turned OFF."

So you have 5 seconds to start your car and let it level out.

Gerry Creager N5JXS wrote:

> Via Epia M6000 with the appropriate case/power supply.  I've done a 
> fair bit of business here.  His prices are pretty good overall, better 
> than, say, Fry's when they carry comparable stuff.
> I *love* the Epia motherboards/cpus.  Low power, relatively 
> inexpensive, and seem faster than their advertised clock speeds.  Oh, 
> and they're OK for 12vDC.
> I've got to look, but someone sells a power module for these that's 
> designed for automotive use and keeps the computer disconnected during 
> a start-cycle surge.
> 'Nother subject... I'm on a radar generation jag this evening.  What 
> site(s) were needed?  I'm making sites as 5 deg x 5 deg images with a 
> 0.01 degree/pixel rate.  This translates really close to 1x1 km pixels...
> gerry
> Tyler Allison wrote:
>>> 2)booted the "live cd" on a 500mhz PC which happens to run on 12v 
>>> thanks
>>> to a clever ATX power supply.  3 minutes to boot.
>> Im looking for a 12V DC PC. Do you have anymore details about the above?
>> -Tyler
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