[aprssig] Re: digipeater

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Sun Sep 26 20:16:09 CDT 2004

Yes it could.

By the way thanks for the heads up on MEPIS it worked like a charm. This is 
what I have been waiting for to get back into Linux. The P-166 I used for 
LFS was way too slow for any X based apps.

However, I have yet to find coherent directions for the Xastir upgrade 
procedure on Sourceforge.  I seem to remember someone on the SIG indicating 
that there was an almost automatic method using CVS but I have yet to find 
directions. I would like to upgrade it to the latest version.

The computer is basically a standalone system at this point that is running 
MEPIS with Xastir and nothing else so it should be a good test bed.

At 08:35 PM 9/26/2004, you wrote:
>Gee all of this kinda ties back in with the 12v pc, eh?

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