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[aprssig] Kam back-up battery

Glenn Wiebe gswiebe at mb.sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 27 16:41:45 UTC 2004

Several weeks ago I posted a message saying that I had ruined my Kam while in 
the process of removing the battery. The springy thingy that holds the BR2032 
battery in place in its holder is(was) very stiff and I bust it. The battery 
holder is mounted on the enhancement board. As it turns out the Kam is OK (whew) 
but of course I have no bu battery. The holder is not repairable and should I be 
able to get a replacement unit I will not try to replace it on the pc board- one 
scare is enough. If and when I get a replacement holder it is my intention to 
solder a pair of fine insulated wires to it and tack the other ends to the 
appropriate points on the pc board. The holder/battery will be wrapped in 
electrical tape and laid at a convenient place in the Kam. Does this sound 
doable and a good game plan?

73 de Glenn...VE4GN

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