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Mon Sep 27 18:03:50 CDT 2004

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> On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Earl Needham wrote:
> > At 10:50 AM 9/27/2004, nc8q wrote:
> > >(1) In 2 meter repeater operation;
> > >I usually run 'full duplex' at home and sometimes in the car.
> >
> >          How do you prevent feedback squealing?
> And if the delay is just right, how do you talk at all?  ;-)
> --
> Curt, WE7U          http://www.eskimo.com/~archer

Hi, Curt:

 Yes, if the repeater uses delay-line audio, it sometimes
really baffles others when they hear the echo.  It works
really great with headphones on repeaters without 
delay-line audio, but it takes some getting used to with
those repeaters with delay-line audio.

3s, Chuck

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