[aprssig] Kam back-up battery

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Tue Sep 28 00:52:11 CDT 2004

Glenn Wiebe wrote on 9/27/2004, 9:41 AM:

 > If and when I get a replacement holder it is my intention to
 > solder a pair of fine insulated wires to it and tack the other ends to
 > the
 > appropriate points on the pc board.

3-volt lithium coin cell batteries similar to the 2032 are available 
with flying wire leads already welded to the battery case. They are 
intended for applications where the batttery is soldered directly to the 
PC board with no socket at all.

[ Many Kenwood transceivers use these solder-in cells.  If you can't 
find a source locally for the leaded coin cell, you could order one as a 
replacement part for any of the Kenwood TM-series VHF or UHF 
transceivers; i.e. TM211, TM221,  TM261, etc.  ]

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