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[aprssig] yet another perspecive for your toolbox...

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Wed Sep 29 01:55:51 UTC 2004

One thing some of the opponents of this alt input digi have not considered is
.... what if my car is very near the digi, and their home is 10 miles away.  I
can't hear their station trying to hit the digi, so my mobile TX's and clobbers
their packet.  With the alt input digi, my car's packet can sit on the sidelines
in queue until the alt input digi sees that it is "all clear".

I have been trying to come up with cutesey analogies for this alt input thing.

Look at it like an on ramp for mobile stations into the aprs RF data stream...
instead of trying to simply accelerate from a dead stop and mix in with traffic
already moving at 1200mph, the alt input digi gives you an extended on ramp to
mix in with that 1200 MPH traffic smoothly.


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