[aprssig] Kam back-up battery

Hurt, Gerald gerald.hurt at Intrado.com
Wed Sep 29 01:43:17 CDT 2004

If I was going to solder a different battery holder, I would 
look into using something other than button type. Is there room 
for a AA size? You can purchase a battery holder with leads and
that should work fine. I have a KPC3+ and it has a cutout in the 
PCB for an internal 9V battery which gives some room for such a

73 de N0XVB

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> Subject: [aprssig] Kam back-up battery
> Several weeks ago I posted a message saying that I had ruined 
> my Kam while in the process of removing the battery. The 
> springy thingy that holds the BR2032 battery in place in its 
> holder is(was) very stiff and I bust it. The battery holder 
> is mounted on the enhancement board. As it turns out the Kam 
> is OK (whew) but of course I have no bu battery. The holder 
> is not repairable and should I be able to get a replacement 
> unit I will not try to replace it on the pc board- one scare 
> is enough. If and when I get a replacement holder it is my 
> intention to solder a pair of fine insulated wires to it and 
> tack the other ends to the appropriate points on the pc 
> board. The holder/battery will be wrapped in electrical tape 
> and laid at a convenient place in the Kam. Does this sound 
> doable and a good game plan?
> 73 de Glenn...VE4GN
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