[aprssig] Kam back-up battery

Glenn Wiebe gswiebe at mb.sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 29 12:49:55 CDT 2004

I wrote:

Glenn Wiebe wrote:
> Several weeks ago I posted a message saying that I had ruined my Kam 
> while in the process of removing the battery. The springy thingy that 
> holds the BR2032 battery in place in its holder is(was) very stiff and I 
> bust it. The battery holder is mounted on the enhancement board. As it 
> turns out the Kam is OK (whew) but of course I have no bu battery. The 
> holder is not repairable and should I be able to get a replacement unit 
> I will not try to replace it on the pc board- one scare is enough. If 
> and when I get a replacement holder it is my intention to solder a pair 
> of fine insulated wires to it and tack the other ends to the appropriate 
> points on the pc board. The holder/battery will be wrapped in electrical 
> tape and laid at a convenient place in the Kam. Does this sound doable 
> and a good game plan?

Here is what I ended up doing. Bear in mind that I live in a small farming 
community in SE MB and do not have ready access to bits and pieces that many 
hams take for granted and make do with what is available in the shack, the local 
hardware store and a Radio Shack agency. Components used include 12" of two 
conductor #26, two AA cells and some black electrical tape. The two AA's make a 
3v battery - no holder, that's what the tape is for. The wire connects the 
battery to the enhancement board via a hole drilled in the rear panel of the 
Kam. The wires are soldered to the now defunct button battery holder. Having the 
taped up AA's laying on the desk beside the Kam may not be a pretty sight but it 

As soon as I tweak up the vco's to get rid of the dots on the '440S I'll enable 
my gateway station.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

73 de Glenn

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