[aprssig] Copy MAPS to new version

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Thu Sep 30 16:20:23 CDT 2004

OK, you got me confused now.

To open a map, you need to go to the Windows pull down menu in WinAPRS.
There you can select the New Tiger Map, New Map Square or New Map Precision
Mapping.  For Tiger Maps to work you first need to download them and create
and fill your Tiger folder and your NWSshape folder.  For Precision Mapping
you need to load the PM CD and execute the correct OCX file first.  The
standard New Map Square will open whatever maps (basically DOS format maps)
you have in your Map folder.

If you are still confused, go the help file in the Docs folder using Win

Hope this help.  Am going hunting so if you have further question, I will
not be able to help you till I get back in a week or so.

Herb, KB7UVC

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> I certainly want to thank Herb for his input, but unfortunately
> that solution
> has not worked on this system. It's quite easy to go into Windows
> Explorer
> and open WinAPRS and it's accompanying folders. Of course the MAP
> folder only
> has 3 files. One of course is the Continental USA Tiger Map, the
> other two are
> the ones I want to display.
> When I select Maps from the Toolbar LIST, the screen I see in the
> lower right
> toolbar indicates "No Maps Loaded" ? I think the problem is the display
> format. It is basically a Tiger Map callup.
> If any one has circumvented this problem I sure would like to hear their
> solution.
> Jim

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