[aprssig] Copy MAPS to new version

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Thu Sep 30 16:59:49 CDT 2004

	If there is a tiger map dataset (these are data files not images) in this
folder, that is for the built in tigermap server. For you to have static
maps available they need to have the proper .inf file that relates to the
map image (if that is the map type you are speaking of). Make sure you have
your computer file browser set to show hidden files so you can find these
files and then copy them over with the maps. Hope this helps.

Brian N2KGC

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I certainly want to thank Herb for his input, but unfortunately that
has not worked on this system. It's quite easy to go into Windows Explorer
and open WinAPRS and it's accompanying folders. Of course the MAP folder
has 3 files. One of course is the Continental USA Tiger Map, the other two
the ones I want to display.

When I select Maps from the Toolbar LIST, the screen I see in the lower
toolbar indicates "No Maps Loaded" ? I think the problem is the display
format. It is basically a Tiger Map callup.

If any one has circumvented this problem I sure would like to hear their


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