[aprssig] Re: Optima Batteries

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Sat Apr 2 12:42:23 CST 2005

John, there's no magic in Optima batteries. They are "just" AGM batteries
that use a spiral construction instead of flat plates. This should make them
cheaper to build and buy--but instead they are sold as a premium at higher
prices. You'll get more power density for less price in regular flat plate
AGM batteries. Look for "traction" or wheel chair batteries for the best
pricing, or one of the bigbox stores (Sams, Costco) if they carry deep cycle
in your area. Many don't.

The same battery capacity Optima sells for $190, can be found for $100-125
in a conventional AGM from any battery distributor. WIthout the pretty
colored tops.<G> Last year when Optima was trying to dump old stock
"everyone" had them on sale, but some of the batteries had been manufactured
two years earlier and still not sold. That premium pricing hasn't been very

AGM's are more expensive than wet cells, but also safer, and they take a
charge faster. (Better charge acceptance.)

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