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[aprssig] kc0mic-11 unproto path

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun Apr 3 01:03:53 UTC 2005

Did  you make any attempt to contact the individual before resorting to name
calling in a public forum?  The ARHAB schedule lists the following website
for the CAPNSPACE project:


If you're going to insult anyone, I'd suggest you do it in private email

On the subject of proper APRS balloon etiquette, does anyone have a FAQ we
can send them?

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  KC0MIC-11 balloon put over 40 packets per minute on the network for for
TWO HOURS, and maintained a count of over 30 per minute for over THREE

  This was because the balloon was set to the moronic path of RELAY,WIDE3-3.

  Whatever cretin was responsible for the mission planning on this balloon
flight, if this was done deliberately, needs a two by four up side the head.
It virtually shut down the network for three hours. Unbelievable!

  If anyone has a way to contact this "amateur", I would love to hear it.

  ...hasan, N0AN
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