[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

Matt Werner kb0kqa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 21:12:10 CDT 2005

Well then I'm still confused... This website:
 "would like any new user of UI-View32 to contribute, on an entirely 
voluntary basis, to their national Cancer Research organization"
 What you describe is that, in order for one to use the program, they are 
required to contribute. I don't disagree that they SHOULD contribute, nor do 
I disagree that most WILL contribute, but I do disagree that he requested 
that ALL contribute. That's what the "entirely voluntary basis" is all 
about. He would "like" you to, but does not require it. It's voluntary. The 
registration form on the website doesn't have a checkbox for "did you 
 Can you explain to me the difference between filling out the form stating 
that you read the information about Roger and having someone manually email 
you a registration code versus running a program, acknowledging that you 
read the information, and being given the registration number? Or going to a 
website, reading the information, giving your callsign, and having the 
website automatically give you back a registration number? Maybe there is 
one but I haven't seen it come out clearly yet in this thread.
 I think Scott's purpose (and correct me if I'm wrong here Scott) is to 
assist, not to take over. Not to go against Roger's wishes. Scott even says 
so in his second post on this topic (which most have apparently ignored by 
 "I wouldn't want to do that if there was a continuing need for registration 
for any other reason, though."
 I think the bottom line is that the issue is between Scott and the folks 
handling the registrations for UI-View.
 73 - Matt

 On Apr 4, 2005 9:00 PM, hasan schiers <schiers at netins.net> wrote: 
> Yes, you are missing that Roger (the author of the program) specifically 
> requested the registration and contribution to cancer research in return for 
> free use of the program.
>  The fact that the system depends on the "honor" of the participants, 
> should not be grounds for doing the dishonorable. 
>  ...hasan, N0AN
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>  For Igating to RF, no. Anyone can download any number of clients and 
> generate a code to log in to a APRS-IS. That code isn't restricted at all - 
> you just need to know the simple directions on how to do it.
>  I see Scott's point - at this point the registrations and donations are 
> not linked. You don't need to donate to register. So why go through all the 
> extra work to manually generate registrations? Or are we all missing 
> something?
>  If you are so concerned that a user be forced to read the part about 
> donating before obtaining a code, create a small program to be included in 
> the distributions where the user has to acknowledge that they read the part 
> about donating before asking for their ham call and spitting out a 
> registration code.
>  Or again, is there more to this that we are missing?
>  73 - Matt
>  On Apr 4, 2005 8:25 PM, Germino <mgermino at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
> > 
> >   Don't we still need to make sure that it's a Ham that is using the program?  (for Igateing to RF) Or am I mistaken?
> > 
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