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[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

Vince heffer at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 5 03:15:16 UTC 2005


  Rationalize all you want, it does not change things, or the wishes of
  the programmer.

  A grave robber is a grave robber, no matter how you want rationalize


scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> The only one who could place it in the public domain would be the 
> copyright holder (I'm assuming that's Dee unless Roger made other 
> arrangements), at least until the copyright expires.  Which, with the 
> way legislation is going these days, will be in about 300 years, at 
> least in the US.
> I see a registration patch more as a way to make sure the program as it 
> exists now stays usable.  The source code is gone - there's never going 
> to be any way to add any significant functionality or modify how it 
> operates beyond trivial tweaks that can be made in an object-level 
> debugger.  And trust me, even those require some significant effort.  
> But if a companion program was released, capable of either disabling the 
> registration requirement or generating valid keys while explaining 
> Roger's wishes, it could go on being used (and generating donations) 
> whether there are volunteers still handing out registrations with their 
> secret keygens or not.
> Scott
> N1VG
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>     It was Rogers wishes that the code not be placed into public domain
>     and destroyed after his passing. Patches and fixes would I believe
>     going against his last wishes, no flames please don't shoot the
>     messenger. I may not agree with it but I do respect a persons last
>     wishes.
>     Rich
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>         Or what, you might get some unlicensed rogue hooking it up to
>         their scanner?  Unlicensed transmissions are an issue for the
>         FCC (or other local regulatory body.)  They're not supposed to
>         even be buying transmitters if they're not licensed, right? 
>         They can't get gated back to RF without the server login
>         string.  Which you can already generate yourself anyway... but
>         it needn't be part of the patch.
>         I have the utmost respect for Roger and his work.  I had a
>         number of friendly email conversations with him before he passed
>         on.  I'm not interested in going against his wishes - I just
>         don't see that the current system is fulfilling them any more
>         than a registrationless system would.
>         How about a patch program that pops up an explanation of the
>         donation request, with an 'I understand and agree' checkbox
>         before applying the patch?  Maybe with some hyperlinks to the
>         American Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK, and so on?  That's
>         honestly what I expected from the registration website, and I
>         was surprised not to see it.
>         Scott
>         N1VG
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>>Can someone tell me why there's even a registration requirement?  I thought
>>donations were entirely voluntary now.
>>Don't we still need to make sure that it's a Ham that is using the program?  (for Igateing to RF) Or am I mistaken?
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