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[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

Eric H. Christensen kf4otn at ericsatcom.net
Tue Apr 5 03:26:07 UTC 2005

Cool your heals!  What Scott is saying is not out of order in any
way.  The source code would not be released in any way.  I'd often
wondered why the process had not been automated a long time ago. 
Even a web based system would work and would probably be more

Currently you would send a message via the website to one of the
registering volunteers who puts the callsign into a "calculator" and
it gives them a key.  They then email the key back to the person. 
This process could be automated with emphasis on giving a donation
to one of the charities that Roger requested.  This is all being
done without releasing any part of the source code (which is gone
anyway).  There isn't any grave robbing going on.

The only thing I can think of that the person does is maybe verify
that it is an actual ham on the other end of the keyboard and not a
non-ham.  Of course it doesn't take a rock scientist to be able to
be able to pull off a false identity...

I would be in favor of an automated system just because it would
better server the customers.  And this can be done without going
against Roger's wishes.


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>   Scott,
>   Rationalize all you want, it does not change things, or the
> wishes of
>   the programmer.
>   A grave robber is a grave robber, no matter how you want
>   it.
>   Vince
> scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> > The only one who could place it in the public domain would be the
> > copyright holder (I'm assuming that's Dee unless Roger made other
> > arrangements), at least until the copyright expires.
> Which, with the
> > way legislation is going these days, will be in about 300 years,
> > least in the US.
> >
> > I see a registration patch more as a way to make sure the
> program as
> > it
> > exists now stays usable.  The source code is gone - there's
> never going
> > to be any way to add any significant functionality or modify how
> > operates beyond trivial tweaks that can be made in an
> > debugger.  And trust me, even those require some
> significant effort.
> > But if a companion program was released, capable of either
> disabling the
> > registration requirement or generating valid keys while
> > Roger's wishes, it could go on being used (and generating
> donations)
> > whether there are volunteers still handing out
> registrations with their
> > secret keygens or not.
> >
> > Scott
> > N1VG

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