[aprssig] BALLOON unproto paths

M. Schneider msokla at brightok.net
Mon Apr 4 23:55:38 CDT 2005

When this topic first came up, I forwarded the messages to the local 
university amateur radio club's Yahoo group.  They've been working with the 
science and technology people on campus launching balloons carrying student 
projects, and the path they used last time was the same.  I was hoping to 
open a dialog discussing future operations using APRS on balloons, and 
suggested a possible path of WIDE2-2, and completely dropping RELAY.  I also 
suggested that everybody read Bob's Fix14439 page, and if they wanted to 
discuss the recommendations, that they should join this SIG.  Another 
non-student member of the group is the head of a nearby balloon group, and 
his reception of the situation was, to say the least, negative.  He strongly 
defended the default use of RELAY by all trackers/mobiles, and when I 
explained that RELAY was no longer going to be available, this was his 

"I don't get into the can-o-worms with all the know-it-all
APRS police out there. We have one around here who
has emailed several HAM's and tried to tell them how to
run their stations and he was told where to go by all!

As far as the path on the balloon, their is absolutely nothing
wrong with the path that was used. If I do not have an IGate
locally I will also use that same path. The HAM who IGates
(balloon group name) & I agreed that when he IGates, RELAY is not needed.

There are setups for every situation. I choose the one that suits
my needs at the time and I don't care what the APRS cops think
about it as long as my station is within the FCC rules.

The APRS cops have driven many a new HAM away from APRS!


So, educations doesn't always work, even if presented in a 
non-confrontational manner.  (The message above is quoted in it's entirety, 
but I have removed all identifying information.)  Interestingly enough, this 
same individual, who thinks nothing of flooding the network with thousands 
of beacons, went absolutely ballistic over the use of the 250mw 
PocketTrackers by local hams due to their lack of a receiver to prevent 
collisions.  This was not good, courteous, amateur radio practice!

I plan to update the digi that I am the control operator for, but it is 
beginning to appear that many of the digis in the Oklahoma area may not 

Mark S.

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