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[aprssig] AIS and DSC - lots of questions

joe at dellabarba.com joe at dellabarba.com
Tue Apr 5 14:50:04 UTC 2005

See http://www.shipplotter.com/
The AIS system seems remarkably like APRS. They are adding internet
infrastructure to it and there are even going to be AIS satellites.
Does anyone know if the 9600 baud GMSK AIS signals are the same as the
ham radio 9600 system. Could a Kenwood radio or other 9600 baud radio
snd and receive these signals? Does anyone know what system the marine
DSC signals use? I tried decoding them as 1200 baud packet with no
luck. Has anyone tried interfacing AIS or DSC to APRS programs? Has
anyone tried to configure a program to send AIS? The USCG is WAY behind
in getting DSC monitoring stations in place, so if someone could figure
out how to monitor DSC traffic and report distress calls it would be a
HUGE public service. I am going to try this AIS rec-only software soon
and let you all know how it works. last question - radios with TNC
connectors (FT-1500M and others), do these support the 9600 baud data
or do I still have to wire up to the discriminator output?
73 de N3HGB

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