[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

g4fip at tiscali.co.uk g4fip at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Apr 5 09:54:56 CDT 2005

On 5 Apr 2005 at 9:21, John Kraus wrote:

> Did Roger specify the actual process for generating the registration
> information? 

Let us go back to the original post in which Steve, KF6WAX, requested 
that only US amateurs should send him registration requests.

In all the replies I have not seen a single answer relating to that.

How the registration team handle these requests is entirely a matter 
for them to decide and not a third party.

For information. At the moment, providing the fields at the 
registration site are filled in correctly the process is semi-
automatic requiring little manual intervention. As the registration 
team co-ordinator is Andy, M0CYP, the author of many UI-View/UI-
View32 add-ons, I feel he will be looking at some way of fully 
automating the process whenever he isn't involved with work and 
family commitments.

Personally, I feel enough has be said on this subject, especially on 
a non-UI-View list.

Ken Collins - G4FIP
E-mail:- g4fip at tiscali.co.uk

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