[aprssig] how to implement 'No more relay' for dummies

John Ronan aprssig at ei7ig.org
Tue Apr 5 17:06:37 CDT 2005

On 5 Apr 2005, at 19:23, Phillip B. Pacier wrote:

> I am still not in agreement with this plan.  I seriously do not think 
> the number of dupes generated by RELAY packets is in any way a 
> detriment to the system.  I can say that with proof of how it is 
> working in L.A., with the trap digi plan and a few digis supporting 
> RELAY, we still cut traffic by almost 75% even while still supporting 
> RELAY.  It is easier to understand than WIDE1-1,WIDEn-N, and it is 
> best in my opinion.  I am 100% against implementing this and 
> eliminating RELAY.  I still plan to use RELAY and will be using it on 
> some upcoming events with some new APRS folks as we set up a temporary 
> digi in a canyon for some added coverage.  They can set their path to 
> RELAY,WIDE2-2 and understand what is going to happen.  To implement 
> this as a blanket nationwide change is a BAD idea.
Hi there,

Personally I like WIDE2-2, thats what EI8JA and I are going to 
'encourage' here in EI, though I do think that 'relay' is useful for 
temporary digi's in this country at least (we used my TM-D700 as a 
relay last weekend).

Now, is there a best practice when it comes to digi_ned/javaprsrvr 
combined installations?  I'd like to use digi_ned for the funky 
satellite tracking stuff, while the node is also acting as an Igate. 
Also we have two igates within earshot of each other, I was going to 
run digi_ned on the primary igate for that functionality, I've already 
configured javaprssrvr on the secondary with


I'm not sure exactly what we are going to do with the SSN-N construct, 
or how we should use it.   So I'll leave it out for the moment, we only 
have one truly 'wide' digi.

de John

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