[aprssig] how to implement 'No more relay' for dummies

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 6 08:24:26 CDT 2005

I agree.
The final proposals for the New n-N paradigm are on
the table,  not necessarily for immediate implementation
but for thourough testing and analysis.  If they prove
viable, then we start thinking about implementation...  Bob

>>> scott at opentrac.org 4/5/05 10:37:45 PM >>>
My concern is that this stuff keeps changing too fast.  Are we sure
this is
what we're going to stick with?  Why not wait a month, let the early
adopters use it, and move on from there?

I can update the defaults in the next OpenTracker release... what do we
as the default for a tracker?



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What about a small blurb on Newsline?

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