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[aprssig] firenet

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Sat Apr 9 18:59:17 UTC 2005

 See below:

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>On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, Curt Mills pecked the following on his keyboard:

> >On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, Wes Johnston wrote:
> >>/ I'm connected to firenet.us on port 10152 and keep getting 
>disconnects. /
> >>/ My client is xastir, and I'm set to auto-reconnect on 
>failure, but it /
> >>/ seems that every time I check, it's disconnected. Xastir 
>eventually /
> >>/ reconnects like it should, but why does the link keep dropping? /

> >Most likely you're overloading your internet link. Try connecting to 
>port 14580 instead and set your filters to only snag what you want to 
>see. Chances are your link will stay up. I have the same problem on my 
> >slow dialup. I can't connect to a full firenet feed, and I think a 
>full APRS-IS feed is iffy these days too. Firenet carries a lot more 
>traffic than APRS-IS.

> >-- Curt, WE7U. archer at eskimo dot com
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>I'm running Xastir 1.4.2 on two different PCs under Cygwin on 
>WinXP and 
>have the same disconnect problem, even on filtered connections to 
>firenet.us or clspco.firenet.us.  One PC runs at home on a 1.5Mb (soon 
>to be 3Mb) DSL connection and one at work on a 100Mb LAN fed by 
>something huge.  At home, I have one interface setup to the firenet.us 
>weather feed port (2323), and one to the clspco filter port with a 
>filter of 't/oinwt m/500'.  Both will randomly disconnect many 
>times an 
>hour.  The office PC is setup similar.

>I don't know if Wes is running under Cygwin or not, but I imagine that 
>Cygwin is part of the cause in my case.

Firenet.us has been constantly disconnecting me for some time.  I am running
WinXp Pro, with a 4mbs connection connected to port 2023 full feed.  Once I
switched to clspco.firenet.us the constant disconnect problem went away.

AFAIK, the problem started after the server was relocated.

Bill KC9XG.

>james KK5WM
>White County, AR ARES/RACES EC

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