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[aprssig] ogate feeds

Darrell Sutton kf4hjw at cox.net
Sun Apr 10 20:13:25 UTC 2005

I have for some time been getting many disconnect and I run afilter, I have 
tried at home on 3 different computers the last my 900mhz on a calbe modem 
connection.  I have tried on both laptops via my aircard and works t1 line 
one laptop 233mhz the new one 1.6 512 memory on board.

I run winaprs and afilter. At one point it was suggested I had older version 
which I did, after upgrade same issue occurs.

The igate has become the most unreliable part of my site running for over 6 
years.  I tried running just the afilter part and it will random disconnect 
then doesnt seem to want to reconnect.

Recently I began to use aprs fl eastern and it does not seem to drop as 
often however I do not see our local traffic make findu regularly.

I have telpac's in the area and tried to watch for them to put on rf however 
when I see on findu I dont see on my igate feed.
Not sure how this relates to the other igate issue but sure would like 
suggestion on how to make things run like before
almost no human intervention..


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