[aprssig] UAH ballooning report (long)

Rochte, Robert rrochte at gpacademy.org
Mon Apr 11 09:18:17 CDT 2005

>I think most hams are still experimenters at heart 
>and are interested to see something like this happening, rather than 
>getting upset that someone is transmitting in the blind every 30 
In my experience, this statement tends to be true - unless you go and TELL
everyone that you're transmitting in-the-blind every 30 (or 60 or 90)

Then all h#$% breaks loose on this mailing list and you find out that you've
QRMed the entire APRS network into submission (and likely caused numerous
deaths due to missed tornado warnings and the like).  ;-)

(Said *mostly* tongue-in-cheek!)

73 and happy flying,

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