[aprssig] Re: Help getting precicion mapping working with waprs

Bill Bird billbird at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 11 19:58:54 CDT 2005


My software is not quite the same; I have win2k, WinAPRS2.5.1, and PM3.0.  I 
have the PM3.0 files copied into a directory I created, e:\PMAP30.  PM does not 
need to be installed.  So the PMAP30 directory has subdirectories such as DATA1, 
DATA2, etc. which come right off the CDROM.  Also, I downloaded the ocx for PM 
and Winaprs from where I got the Winaprs.  When the download ocx installation 
file was run, it installed MAPOCX.OCX into my c:\WINDOWS\system32\ directory. 
Once I started up WinAPRS I needed to tell it (from button on right side of 
screen for PMAP properties) to find PMAP data on the e: drive.  It all works 
fine.  The doc for Winaprs has more info on PMAP usage.  Again, my versions of 
PMAP and WinAPRS are different but hopefully this helps.

Look for me in Chesterfield, MO.  I also run xastir and aprsdos.



> I have PM6 working registered on my win 2000 machine. The PM6 program is
> located in c:\program files\PM6a60 directory. When I open waprs and under
> the windows new pre map tab I get a drop down window telling me to register
> the the program. Any suggestions will be helpful
> nick k5qxj

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