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[aprssig] Rotate - APRS2.NET

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Tue Apr 12 18:37:31 UTC 2005

> The core servers are also based on the same software, and have agreed 
> to share the same worldwide ports, so that rotate.aprs.net will work. 
> This is one of the important design features of the core servers.
> You can get the unfiltered feed on port 23 or 10152 (23 is useful for 
> those behind firewalls that block non-standard ports) and 14580 is the 
> user specified filter port.
> Each of the core servers also hassome different  ports available on an 
> individual basis, you can see what's available by connecting to the 
> status pages and scrolling down a couple blocks of information:
> http://first.aprs.net:14501
> http://second.aprs.net:14501
> http://third.aprs.net:14501
> Steve K4HG

Thanks..   That's good information and cleared up a bit of misconception
I had.


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