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[aprssig] MapQuest Maps for Findu.com

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Sun Apr 17 19:18:35 UTC 2005

No, the data is only for the US.
There *may* be publicly available data for other areas,
But it is on a country-by-country basis and dependant upon
Each countries resources and policies.  Many countries don't
Feel the same obligation to release data collected on behalf
Of taxpayers, and many countries don't even have the data
At all.

But the biggest benefit I see here is the possibility of
Incorporating 3D topo data either as overlays or separately
Rendered maps.

Yes, this will require a lot of bandwidth and server horsepower.  These
things are *not* merely your run-of-the-mill Office Depot 3GHz workstation.
Most folks don't understand the requirements of an enterprise-level server
and why they cost so much.

How would it be funded?
The bandwidth and hosting would have to be donated.
The hardware would either have to be shared, donated
Or we would have to find a way to fund it.  Maybe it could
Be tried as a modest per-month or per-year subscription basis
So it would be funded by those who use it?  But this doesn't
Pay for the equipment up front.

Consider the cost of a mapping CD - $50+
And they are out-of-date pretty quickly, and
Few offer any savings to purchase an updated version.
So how much $ has the average APRS op spent on mapping
CD's?  Just a thought... 

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Ray wrote:
> What I'm talking about is converting the entire USGS SDTS database into
> files and resolutions that we need.  It would also be possible to do the

Does this include street level data for non US location? If so, then it
like an awesome idea.

The eternal pessimist in me also wonders where all these thousands of man 
hours and tens of thousands of dollars for servers and bandwidth are going
come from. I've been begging for better hardware for aprsworld's mapserver 
and I've received less than $300 in donations for that. (that discussion has

gone on enough so I won't bother starting it again).


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