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[aprssig] flying digipeater?

Michael Cook blueschism at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 18 18:27:34 UTC 2005

Jason wrote:
maybe that's another balloonsat experiment - see how long we can
operate a digipeater with a set of lithiums, maybe with some solar
backup.  Let's see, where did I put that digipeater code for a PIC?  (:

>From SparkFun

Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries - 2000mAh

Description: These are very slim, extremely light weight batteries based on 
the new Polymer Lithium Ion chemistry. This is the highest energy density 
currently in production. Each cells outputs a nominal 3.7V at 2000mAh! These 
cells come prepped with connection wires and require special charging. Do 
not attempt to charge these with anything but a specialized LIPION charger.

2C continuous discharge
3C max discharge
Excellent long-term self-discharge rates (<8% per month)
Robust power source under extreme conditions (-25 to 60C)

Dimensions: 0.15x2.1x3.3" (4.0x55x85mm)
Weight: 39g (1.37oz)
Documents: 2000mAh Datasheet

WMRRA #91 

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