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[aprssig] NEW PARADIGM Settings for Digi's

Daron Wilson daron at wilson.org
Thu Apr 21 01:20:41 UTC 2005

>I'm just now working on setting up a remote aprs digi with WX.  What you're
>talking about would be absolutely perfect for  application.  This digi will
>be located S.W. of Springfield MO and will give the local National Weather
>Service office data that they don't get at present from that specific area,
>on 'incoming' storms to this region.  During severe weather events, I'd
>to see that data as often as 1 to 5 minutes.  But, there's no way that we
>dare put that much data 'on the air' during 'normal' times.

>Can you have it ready by next weekend???  :-) hi hi

Uh...nope, sorry.  Our hardware guy has it planned, components laid out, and
a circuit board design.  Unfortunately it has to happen between work.
Currently we run KPC3s at the remote digi/weather sites with a Peet Bros
weather station running into a Byonics Weather Tracker.  The TNC and the
Weathertracker are in parallel.  The TNC does nothing but digipeat, and the
WXTraker spits out properly formatted data (i.e. readable on the Kenwoods)
every 5 minutes.  We've got 6 of them so far.  When we put them together we
bought dual band antennas and diplexers with the hope of later putting the
weather on a separate UHF network and picking up the rep rate to 1 minutes
or so.



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