[aprssig] Live Telemetry Data Through a Simple Web Page

VE3TK ve3pep at rac.ca
Sat Apr 23 17:02:34 CDT 2005

Steve:  I fixed the   issue.  I'm coding this in raw HTML.  

I defined the <iframe> box size using pixels.  Perhaps it does display on a
MAC, but your font size doesn't line up with the box (not your fault) or you
end up with an extra <br> that pushes the text down. Since I also removed
the scroll bar, there is no way to check. I did this so that the new "web
page" or frame was imbedded in a hidden way. It is one of the dangers of
using <iframe> as mentioned in the on-line tutorials. I'm too green to know
of any other way to use the XML data directly in a web page.  Brad
conveniently provides just the text.  

Give it another try on your Mac. I turned the border and scroll bar back on.


BTW, is there any way to get the last packet ONLY via raw.cgi?  I was
testing the OpenTracker in the car and trying to use my Blackberry's web
browser to see what was coming through (don't need maps for instance using
the basic find function).  That Blackberry scroll function gets a bit too
repetitive scrolling through older packets to get to the last one on the
bottom... while driving! ;-)). Similarly, for a web page, imbedding ONE line
of raw APRS as a recent status would be neat in a basic web page using your

Thank you for your insight.  


Tony K

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